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In the reading rooms of the National Archives in Krakow, it is possible to copy the available archival materials with your own equipment. Such copying must take place in a manner that is safe for the archival materials (e.g. without additional lighting or  pressing) and also without disturbing the work of other readers (e.g. without the installation of additional devices – portable tripods).  In exceptional circumstances, the Archives may not agree to archival materials being photographed (e.g. copyright law, content of documents).

The National Archives in Krakow also conducts the copying of archival materials on demand. For such a request, it is necessary to indicate exactly the documents to be copied – with the full reference numbers and pages/range of pages (or, in the case of a civil register, for example, the entry number). The lack of such information may mean that the order is not accepted or additional fees may be added connected to the search for information.

The Archives carries out digital copies  and photocopies on demand.  Due to conservation issues, materials created before 1900 are not photocopied, with only digital copies of such materials being possible. In special cases, the Archives may refuse to carry out an order to copy archival materials. When the Archives already has a digital copy of a given object, no fees are charged for producing the copy. Additional fees are charged for the costs of transport e.g. photocopies or data carriers (CD, DVD). All individual requirements (e.g. higher resolution, copying of fragments of documents) regarding the performance of copies should be established with the worker accepting the order. Copying of our library collections takes place along similar guidelines to the archival resources, taking into consideration copyright protection.

Payments for services provided by the National Archives in Krakow should be made to the following bank accounts:

  • for domestic transfers:

NBP O/O w Krakowie 90 1010 1270 0009 0922 3100 0000

  • for international transfers:

NBP O/O w Krakowie PL 90 1010 1270 0009 0922 3100 0000

The payment title should include:

  • name and surname,
  • case no. or the branch name in which the order was submitted.
The Regulations and price list of services in The National Archives in Krakow