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In order to use our collections, it is necessary to present a document confirming identity (ID card, passport). If you are acting on someone’s behalf, then appropriate documents concerning the power of attorney or recommendation are necessary.  Before using the records in the reading room, the User of Archival Resources form should be completed. If you take a look at the database https://szukajwarchiwach.gov.pl/ you will find information there about the materials we store and check if our Archives is the appropriate place for your search. Meet our information aids to help find interesting archival collections.

Check the materials that we provide online access to. Their number is gradually increasing. If you can find the ones you are looking for among them, a personal visit to the Archives may not be necessary. Using the materials available online  is free of charge.

Check where you can find our reading rooms  and their opening hours. In addition, get to know the nature of the materials stored in our branches and choose the one that you should visit. If you are not successful in this, contact us by telephone or mail and take advantage of our advice. If you know the reference numbers, you can order them using an e-lending form.

Make sure that the reading room is open on the selected day. It is worth checking announcements  concerning temporary breaks in the work of the reading rooms.

Unfortunately, none of the buildings currently used by the Archives have been adapted for use by the disabled. If you are disabled, please contact us by telephone or mail before you plan a visit.

If you are unable to visit our reading rooms, it is possible to request a search conducted by the Archives concerning the subject you are interested in (with the exception of scientific research – in this case we do not conduct charged inquiries, instead of this we invite you to conduct a search in person).

Based on the data supplied, the Archives will estimate the time necessary for the search. If it is expected to be completed within 30 minutes, it will be conducted free of charge. If the expected time for conducting the search exceeds half an hour, the Archives will provide a quotation of the work time necessary for your search.  The cost of a 30-minute search equals 40 PLN, and particular information can be found in Regulations and Price List  of the Archives’ services, available in  Price list and Account Numbers. The time necessary for a search is dependent on the level of complexity and field.

Exceptions to this are inquiries concerning pension matters as well as repression from Nazi and communist authorities (e.g. confirmation of internment in a prison, work camp, concentration camp or forced labour), and compensation for expropriated property. These matters are dealt with free of charge.

In order to carry out an inquiry, we need as precise information as possible about the subject of your search. To simplify the questions that you may ask us, we have prepared an application form in which you can see the information that is important for us. Depending on the data that you are looking for, it is possible to use the forms concerning searches for people or property, or  a standard form if your search is for a different matter. All of them are available in   Forms.