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Archival materials stored in state archives in Poland can be borrowed for exhibition purposes according to the rules defined in Resolution No. 15 of the Supervisory Director of State Archives from 31 October 2012 concerning the borrowing of archival materials for exhibition purposes (with amendments).

According to the regulations of the resolution, the conditions for borrowing archival materials from the resources of the State Archives for exhibitions organised in the territory of Poland are as follows:

  • submitting an application to the archives to borrow materials – no later than 3 months before the exhibition begins (or 6 months in the case of large amounts of archival materials or materials requiring advanced conservation actions) together with information concerning the exhibition and conservation conditions in the planned exhibition location,
  • obtaining from the Archives a positive assessment of the state and exhibition capabilities of the archival materials in the conditions and dates proposed by the exhibition organiser,
  • ensuring transportation of the borrowed archival materials by the exhibition organiser, together with security services,
  • ensuring insurance of the archival materials by the exhibition organiser during the time of their transport and exhibition,
  • agreement of both sides regarding the manner of exhibiting the archival materials,
  • covering by the exhibition organiser of the costs connected with preparing the materials for exhibition and transport (cardboard for exhibition materials etc.),
  • signature of a borrowing agreement (no later than 14 days before the date of transporting the archival materials; the agreement is drawn up by the Archives).