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Budynek Archiwum przy ul. Siennej 16
The National Archives in Krakow already have an institutional tradition reaching back 140 years. They are the successor of the National Archives of Land Records in Krakow, operating from 1878 (later the State Archives in Krakow), as well as the Krakow Town Archives of Former Records, which existed in the years 1887–1952. The resources of the National Archives in Krakow consist of over 25 kilometres of records. This includes archival records dating from the twelfth century until modern times, and is one of the largest and most valuable in the country. The Archives are still open and collect materials handed over by state and local government institutions, societies, registry offices, economic institutions and private individuals, mainly from the area of Małopolska. In addition to a few branches in Krakow, there are also local branches in: Bochnia, Nowy Sącz and Tarnow, as well as expositions in Nowy Targ and Spytkowice. Besides collecting, safeguarding and providing access to archival materials, the task of the National Archives in Krakow is supervision of the establishment and storage of documentation as well as conservation work. The Archives also conduct scientific and publishing work in the areas of history and archiving, popularise knowledge about archival materials and undertake educational and informational activities. Currently, new headquarters at 22 Rakowicka Street are under construction. The building will meet modern standards for storing, safeguarding and providing access to documentation.