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The National Archives in Krakow provides access to archival materials stored exclusively in the reading rooms located in the headquarters of the Krakow branches as well as in Spytkowice, near Zator. Information concerning the location of particular collections can be found at https://szukajwarchiwach.gov.pl in the descriptions of each collection. If you are not sure where a particular record is located, please contact the Archives by telephone or mail before visiting.  The archival materials stored by our local branches are also accessible in the reading rooms of those branches or in Spytkowice.

A condition of using the resources of the Archives is the completion of the Declaration of user of resources in the National Archives in Krakow as well as reading the Regulations for using materials in the reading rooms of the National Archives in Krakow 

In order to take notes, we ask you to prepare a pencil and some loose sheets of paper. While using archival materials, with care for their condition in mind, using permanent writing equipment (e.g. pens, fountain pens and markers) is inadvisable. In the reading rooms, it is possible to use portable computers and digital cameras (the use of flash lighting is not permitted). Work in the reading rooms should be conducted in such a way as to not disturb other readers. No drinks or food items should be taken into the reading rooms and their consumption is forbidden.