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On 15 August 2013, Sławomir Mrożek passed away in Nice – dramatist, prose writer and drawer. His ashes were laid on 17 September in the new National Pantheon in the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Krakow. Many articles have been written about Sławomir Mrożek, and the writer himself recently allowed us into his world by publishing his diaries and correspondence. He was the author of satirical tales, philosophical, political, everyday and psychological dramas – part of the theatre of the absurd. The best-known creations from his works include: the collections of tales the Ugrupu Bird, Opowiadania z Trzmielowej Góry (Tales from Trzmielowa Góra), the Elephant, Donosy (Information), Ostatni husarz (the Last Hussar); dramas: the Martyrdom of Peter Ohey, Striptease, Tango, the Emigres, the Ambassador; and novels: Maleńkie lato (Little summer), Ucieczka na południe (Escape to the south).  Kraków and Mrożek are inseparably connected, with Mrożek beginning his career here, as well as returning here from his emigration, and even though he spent the last years of his life in Nice, he was laid to rest here in accordance with his wishes. Krakow previously honoured Sławomir Mrożka by granting him Honorary Citizenship of the City of Krakow in 1990, as well as organizing a festival which was called “Mrożkowiska”. Mrożek’s art has been staged many times both in Poland and the whole world, but we would like to recall the presentation from the Theatre of Dolls and GROTESKA Actors in Krakow. Three plays from Sławomir Mrożek were held on the stage of this theatre: The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey, The House on the border and Wonderful night. We present you with archival materials collected in the National Archives in Krakow – connected with these three plays. It is possible to see placards, posters, theatre programs, costume design projects, texts and photographs from the plays. These colourful pictures may encourage you to look into the works of Sławomir Mrożek more deeply.

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