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The turmoil of war in 1939 forced itself into the history of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Its hostages were both civilians, who had to struggle against the difficulties of life under occupation, as well as the military, who had to fight the enemy, often on foreign soil, under foreign leadership. It is this last group that we would like to celebrate in our presentation today.
The collection of photographs which we have prepared presents the extracts from the lives of Polish soldiers who were thrown by fate on the various fronts during World War II, far from their homes, families and fatherland. These materials are stored in the records of the Krakow Cable and Cable Machine Factory in Krakow. They arrived here thanks to the initiative of History Report, which since 1964 has been active in the area of the factory, collecting sources for scientific works or articles on the subject of the factory and the people connected with it. Therefore, we can today look at photographs from the private collections of former soldiers, whose lives connected with Krakow’s “Kable”.

The presented photographs come mainly from the albums of Sergeant Ludwik Łata, Franciszek Żmudzki and Franciszek Siuty. We can meet the war stories of these and other participants of the events of 1939-1945 from conducted interviews, the texts of which are stored among the materials gathered by the History Report of the factory.

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