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The reading room in the new building at ul. Rakowicka 22 E will open on 19 July 2021. It will be open on weekdays, from 9 am to 3 pm. Due to the fact that the furnishings are not yet completed and considering the ongoing epidemic, it will not be fully open.  Only 15 people at a time will be allowed in the reading room (12 in the main section, 2 in the large reading room, 1 in the microfilm reading room).

New Regulations for using materials in the reading rooms of the National Archives in Krakow 

Please be advised that orders for files to be delivered to the reading room should only be placed using the e-reverse form . Once you have sent in an order, you will be notified that your file has been prepared in the reading room.   Due to seating limits in the reading rooms, reservations should be made using the seating reservation system.  Reservations will be considered based on the order of their submission.



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