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The National Archives in Krakow would like to inform that the commencement of relocation of the Archives departments to the new adress at 22E Rakowicka Street in Krakow is scheduled for the second half of 2020.

Filing departments and other organisational units are planned to be moved successively, in accordance with the following schedule:


September 2020 – Department I (Wawel Castle)

October 2020 – Departments V and VIII (Lubicz Street)

November-December 2020 – Departments II and VI (Grodzka Street)

January-February 2021 – Department IV (Orzeszkowej Street)

March-April 2021 – Departments III and VII (Sienna Street)

May-December 2021 – Spytkowice Division

Please note that the above-mentioned schedule is subject to change. Updated information on any possible changes will be posted on our website.


Due to the need to prepare historical archives for transport, reading rooms in individual locations will be closed 3 months before the date of the scheduled relocation. Please take these restrictions into account when conducting research and using the materials of the National Archives in Krakow. The opening of the reading room in the new location is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021 and it is dependent upon the progress of relocation


Please also be advised that due to the preparations for the moving, our service activities (conducting paid inquires, copying of archival materials on demand) and dissemination actions (lessons and presentation of archival materials) will be restricted as well.

Renting out of historical archives for exhibitions and accepting historical archives from eternal entities by the Archives is now suspended.


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