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During the near 65 years of its existence, the Krakow Town Archives of Former Records helped to serve Polish science and culture. It played a particularly significant role at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when Krakow rose in importance and became a major centre of cultural and spiritual life for Poles. Its workers, through research activity, have made a significant contribution to the development of Polish science, also in the fields of source editing and archival methods. The Krakow Archives was saved from the ravages of war and, fortunately, avoided the tragic fate of other similar units, systematically collecting archival materials that represent a monument to the creativity of many generations of Poles and reflecting the continuity of our national culture.

The National Archives in Krakow is the successor of the Krakow Town Archives of Former Records as well as the Archives of Municipal and Land Records (later the State Archives in Krakow). It draws from the abundant resources of both these two traditions. It willingly provides access to its collections to scientists, lovers of history and all those interested in the priceless information contained in archival materials, with access also provided online.


We invite you for exhibitions about  collection of Krakow Town Archives of Former Records 1887–1952
1 June – 30 September 2019
headquarters of the National Archives in Krakow at 16 Sienna Street

“Guarding history ….” Dokumentary – subtitles English version


Gallery online  English version >> 

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